Tips on Maintaining Your Home before Selling It

Before selling your home, you need to maintain it to attract more potential buyers and you can do that by following these tips:

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1. Paint
Bright, rich colors are popular, but when it comes to selling, neutral is best. That doesn’t mean white. White is seen as cold and sterile. But colors in the sand family or a soft gray — a new neutral tone — are best. If you think color will help set off a room, confine it to one wall or add pillows or a piece of artwork. Source: Rapid City Journal

2. Maintain Cleanliness in Your Bathroom
Keep the bathroom spotless while your home is on the market. Get out the scouring powder, mildew remover, glass and tile cleaner and a scrub brush. Re-caulk around the tub and shower, if necessary. A new shower curtain, bath mat, and nice smelling soap can help give the buyer one more positive reason for liking your home! Source: Rise Real Estate

3. Clean Up Some Clutter
When a home is up for sale, the smart seller will keep clutter under control on a daily basis. That way, if an unexpected buyer drops in, the house will be ready to show.

Clear off the kitchen and bathroom countertops, sorting and storing non-essentials in storage containers. Wipe all surfaces clean. Anything that will go back on the countertop should be wiped clean, too. In the kitchen, keep out only those appliances that are used every few days.

Don’t let newspapers and mail pile up. Sort every day and discard what isn’t needed. Place a few baskets in strategic locations around the house. When the real estate agent calls, the clutter that is an inevitable part of daily life can be quickly scooped up into the baskets and hidden away. And, get in the habit of making a nightly “sweep” just before bedtime. Source: Cleaning Institute

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