Things Homeowners Should Know How To Do

As a homeowner, there are some common maintenance issues that will likely come up, that you should be able to handle yourself. There’s ease in do-it-yourself fix-ups, and of course you can also save yourself some money in not having to bring in a professional. Here’s some common household issues, and how you can easily fix them:

Clogged toilet:
This is probably one of the most common plumbing issues to arise. As long as you have a plunger on hand, you should be able to handle this issue on your own. Keep a plunger in the bathroom to make things easier.

Power Outage:
Firstly, keep a flashlight on hand in case this happens. First thing to do is check outside to see if your neighbours’ power is out, if it is, it’s a utility issue and you’ll have to call them. If not, locate your breaker and look for the switch facing the opposite direction of the others, turn it on.

Sealing Drafts:
Common problems in households (that can be costly if ignored) are drafts and cracks in windows or doors. For tips on how to spotĀ  draft, check this article by Yahoo Homes. You can fix these problems with either: caulking or weather stripping in most cases, consult your local hardware store for guidance on the best product for your problem.

Eliminating Dust:
Keep in mind that any appliance that is moving air in your home, will need to be dusted and cleaned out regularly. Dust build-up can be an issue on its own, but in an appliance it’s a potential fire hazard.

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