Summer Saving Tips

Summer is here, and that means sun, shorts and for some people, splurging. But summertime doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve outlined some easy ways for you to save money while you enjoy the summer.

Turn down/off the heat
You don’t need the heat cranked in your home when it’s hot out, and your wallet definitely doesn’t need the added expense. If you want to cool off for less, try opting for a fan instead of air conditioning.

Limit your meals out
As tempting as it is to enjoy a few extra lunches/dinners out during the week, those are extra tabs to account for. Set yourself a budget for food/entertainment each month, and limit the number of times you go out for meals.

Smart shopping for vacations
If you’re heading for a vacation out of town, shop smart and look for last-minute deals or online savings. There are lots of great travel sites out there that allow you to save money on both your flights and accommodations.

Fill-up when it’s necessary
It’s no secret gas prices go up on busy long weekends. Try to time when you fill your tank with gas, so you can avoid high bills on weekends. When gas prices are up, don’t fill your tank all the way.

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