Students, we’ve got the credit option for you

Building credit is important, it helps you get approved for big loans such as mortgages and businesses loans. That’s why it’s important to start building credit early on, to make the road to homeownership easier when it comes around. We’ve now got a student Visa card that will help you build credit, while providing a lifeline for emergency expenses.

The rundown on the Dominion Lending Centre Student Visa:

Interest rate: 19.4%
Optional low interest rate: 12.9% ($30/year)
Annual fees: none
Min credit limit: $300
Cell Phone Insurance
3-Day Travel Insurance at no charge

Okay, you’re starting to get the idea. Here’s some more perks:

  • Up to 10% discount on Hertz car rentals
  • ZERO liability in the event of fraud
  • Daily cash advances of up to $2,500, anywhere in the world
  • Free access to the Travel Assistance Service

If you have questions about our credit options, there’s more information available here.

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