Post-Flood Concerns: Mould

Obviously one of the biggest concerns coming out after the flooding in Alberta, is mould in the home. Not only does mould damage homes and property, it can have health risks as well.

“Mould is everywhere.  The small spores are floating in the air you’re breathing even as you read this.  It’s a ubiquitous part of nature.  These microscopic spores float through the air, landing on surfaces.  If the conditions are not favourable for growth, nothing happens.  But when they land on a surface with the right conditions – dampness and a suitable food source, such as wood or other organic material – a problem will soon occur.” – from the article, ‘Mould, Mould Everywhere’ in Real Estate Magazine.

So where does mould come from?

Mould occurs through tiny spores, that are present in outdoor and indoor air. The growth of mould indoors occurs when mould spores land on wet surfaces.

What are the health risks of mould?

Moulds produce allergens, irritants and in rare cases, toxic substances.

What do I do if I have mould in my home?

If your home has mould present indoors, contact a professional to deal with the issue. Although there may be home remedies and do-it-yourself solutions out there, when you are dealing with an issue that can spread, you want to ensure you completely remove the problem. If you do not fix the problem accurately, chances are the mould will return.

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