DLC New Ad Campaign: Women & Financial Decisions

The new tv ad campaign for Dominion Lending Centres, set to air in September, will acknowledge the power of women in financing decisions. In the past couple years, the role of women in household finances has really changed and they are becoming a big part of the decision-making process.

In an effort to shake up the usual mortgage advertisements, the new spot features young girls talking about what their homes mean to them.

“We wanted to do something that got away from the regular ‘best service,’ ‘free,’ ‘lowest rate’… and go towards a more emotional message,” said Derek Loose, who was the brainchild of the ad.

Women otherwise are known to be better organised then men. I am not getting into comparing the habits of people but generally I would say that since women have multiple roles, they work, manage their house and office as well. So, the idea is in recent times we are seeing women coming forward to take charge of the finances. – Money Control

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