Calgary Mortgage Services

Our service starts with our people. Our team of professional brokers have years of expertise in the finance marketplace, so we recognize that unique situations like yours require unique mortgage solutions. We recognize that bad credit doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, and so we are able to offer bad credit mortgages in Canada, with the assurance of a guarantor. We recognize the difference between commercial and residential financing, and so we have a team of specialists devoted specifically to Calgary and Canada commercial mortgages, so that we can serve you better. We also recognize the unique needs of booming markets like Calgary and mortgage services at Dominion Lending Centres Westcor have been tailored to suit the needs of those marketplaces.

You’ve probably already seen and used our Canadian mortgage calculator, available only through this web-site, but have you thought of the hundreds of other services Dominion Lending Centres Westcor has to offer? We can walk you through the refinancing of your home, the consolidation of debts, or the mezzanine loan needed to get your commercial project off the ground. We like to think of ourselves as the Alberta mortgage broker with a difference, because we have been changing perceptions of how the finance market should run for almost 30 years. We were the first to introduce mortgage brokerage services without the large brokerage service fees, and we have never looked back. If you are in Western Canada, contact our office in Calgary for mortgage services without the price and hassle that you are used to from other firms.

Dominion Lending Centres Westcor 114 1212 1st ST. SE, Calgary, Alberta. Phone: 403-228-7800. .